CommVault Systems provides the most comprehensive suite of data management software so customers can store and manage enterprise data. Its Simpana software suite handles resource management, backup, archiving, data replication, disaster recovery, and search. Altogether CommVault counts some 20,000 customers that come from industries such as financial services, health care, manufacturing, and utilities, as well as from the public sector.

Commvault Simpana Software Overview

The Simpana software platform is an enterprise level, integrated data and information management solution, built from the ground up on a single platform and unified code base. All functions share the same back-end technologies to deliver the unparalleled advantages and benefits of a truly holistic approach to protecting, managing, and accessing data. The Simpana software platform contains modules to protect and archive, analyze, replicate, and search your data, which all share a common set of back-end services and advanced capabilities, seamlessly interacting with one another. The Simpana software platform addresses all aspects of data management in the enterprise, while providing infinite scalability and unprecedented control of data and information.