Nexsan® by Imation have been providing disk based storage solutions since 1999 with over 11,000 customers and 33,000 systems worldwide. Solutions range from traditional NAS and SAN through to solid-state optimized unified hybrid storage systems as well as secure automated archive solutions.

Features such as “AutoMAID” (Automatic Mass Array of Idle Disks) allow Nexsan users to save up to 87% of energy costs by slowing or even stopping one or all disks and drive electronics with no loss of data or performance.

“Active Draw Technology” enables the servicing of drives and fans whilst the system is still active and “Anti-Vibration Design”, with hard drives arranged in couplets and counter rotated, eliminates vibration.

If you’re looking to reduce costs and/or your footprint, Nexsan solutions are feature rich, highly engineered and ultra-dense. Combined with a comprehensive set of data services including snapshots, clones and replication, Nexsan have taken the best attributes of traditional storage solutions to the next generation storage marketplace.

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