Founded in 2009 Nutanix is the one of the first companies to offer a radically simple compute and storage infrastructure for implementing enterprise-class virtualization without complex and expensive network storage (SAN or NAS) Built on architectural techniques employed in core infrastructure systems at Google Nutanix Complete Cluster’s converged compute and storage architecture can scale to manage petabytes of data while running thousands of virtual machines.

All Nutanix Intelligence is based in their software with no reliance on special purpose hardware for resilience, performance and availability. Allowing for new capabilities without hardware upgrades. All data, metadata and operations are distributed across the entire Nutanix cluster, eliminating performance bottlenecks and enabling predictable scalability without limits.

This does not mean the data and server services are compromised. Nutanix offers a range of data security, compression, protection, availability and clustering capabilities all managed through the Nutanix PRISM Management Console.

If you’re looking at Hyper-Converged solutions, then Nutanix will help your company reduce power, space, eliminating storage and network complexity.

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